Remijon Pronja

Born in Albania (1984); he lives and works in Tirana.

2008 – MA in Fine Arts at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan

Special Projects
2012 – 2016 co-founder of MIZA Galeri [], an artist-run space in Tirana devoted (since 2012) to the promotion and support of emerging artists from Albania and abroad.

Selected Solo Show

Inno alla Gioia e Il Prezzo della Libertà, Opere Scelte Gallery, Curated by Claudio Cravero. Turin (Italy)

Untitled in Allegro Moderato, ZETA Gallery, Curated by Marko Stamenkovic. (Albania)

REMIJON PRONJA rex anonymous, Curated by Lana & Rafet Jonuzi, critical texts by Daniele Capra, KU(RZ)NTHALLE – Temporary Contemporary Art and Architecture, Bregenz, (Austria).

Selected Group Exhibition

Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2018 / Are our Memories History?, The National Gallery of Kosovo, Curated by Iara Boubnova. Pristina, (Kosovo)
Ardhje Award 2018 / Yang Visual Artist Awards, Zeta Gallery, Curated by Alban Hajdinaj, Tirana (Albania)
Exgratia, Collezione Giuseppse Iannaccone, Curated by Adrian Paci and Rischa Paterlini. Milan (Italy)

Idromeno Prize | Curated by Zef Paci & Artan Dracini, | Shkoder, (Albania)
Parallel Vienna 2017 – Parallel Vienna, Austria
Mediterranea 18 – Young Artists Biennale | Curated by Maja Ćirić & Driant Zeneli, (Albania)

AIRLAB 2016 Exhibition / TICA Residency | Curated by Stefano Romano | Tirane, (Albania)
THE WHALE THAT WAS A SUBMARINE – Contemporary Positions from Albania and Kosovo | curator Julia Fabényi | Ludwig Museum | Budapest (Hungary)

This is not a palm tree | Neurotitan Schwarzenberg | Cureted by Annika Hirsekorn | Berlin (Germany)
SARA ART FAIR 2015 | Sarajevo (Bosnia Hercegovina)
SUPERMARKET 2015 Stockholm Independent Art Fair | Stockholm, (Sweden)

LANGE NACHT DER MUSEEN | curated by Lana & Rafet Jonuzi | KU(RZ)NTHALLE – Temporary Contemporary Art and Architecture | Bregenz, (Austria)
Group Exhibition | Robert Kananaj Gallery | Toronto (Canada)
POST YOUNG ALBANIAN ARTISTS | curated by Antonio Frugis & Roberto Lacarbonara | Museo Pino Pascali | Polignano al Mare, BA (Italy)

IDROMENO PRIZE | curated by Zef Paci | Art Gallery of Shkodra | Shkodra (Albania)

ONUFRI PRIZE 2012. “PERCHANCE TO DREAM | curated by Daniele Capra | GKA, (National Art Gallery), Tirana, (Albania)
Andata/ritorno, curated by Matilda Odobashi, FAP Gallery, Tirana, (Albania)

Collective exhibition, Albanian Consulate, curated by Frano Priska, Marrion Hotel, Milan, (Italy)

ExpoBrera, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, (Italy).

Risvegli, Cultural Center in San Martino Siccomario, Pavia, (Italy)
Presagi, Castle Sangiuliani, Mede, Pavia, (Italy)

Vibrazioni, Municipal hall, Semiana, Pavia, (Italy)
Gallery Domus, Locarno, (Switzerland)

2018 – Residency Unlimited RU | Brooklyn, NY. (USA)
2017- Art House | Art House School | Shkodra (Albania)
2016 – TICA Residency | Tirana (Albania)